Reason why!!

So I decided the reason for the change from my previous blog to this one was because I needed a change and since it was the beginning of the year why not. My previous blogs on wasn’t really going anywhere and the names really didn’t fit where I picture my blogs to go in the future so that is why I chose the change now before they really got any bigger than I could handle.

Now, for the change, I needed a change not only for my blogs but for my personal life as well. For many who might find my blog now, my personal health is a major thing. You will learn that this blog is all about my personal health, my personal life, including my children and myself as well as my everyday ramblings.

So I hope you enjoy what you read and/or learn something from my blogs. If you don’t like something you read here, PLEASE just leave. Any severely negative comments will be deleted and you will be deleted as well and banned at most. This is a personal blog about my personal life and it is here for enjoyment for the most so please enjoy and leave me comments if you wish, I ask you please leave comments.


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