All wild and crazy!!!

Hey everyone!! Today was absolutely one of the greatest days on the level of pain and just all around mood too!! I felt great and got a bunch of things accomplished. I feel great, I know I keep saying that but I do and I only get to say that but very few times. So when its a wonderful day I like to ring in the sunshine….

Today, My tot woke me which isn’t necessarily different that any other day but very low pain day I must say. I made her a bottle as she did her usual whine, but yet the monster wanted more. So, her usual breakfast was in order. Yes my friends you will see she gets what she wants unfortunately. I know that is bad, but she is little and soon I hope to change her little attitude fast before it’s too late, however I believe it is too late.

J~ had a friend sleep over and usually she remembers to put something in front of her door so ~D~ doesn’t go stopping in there and pounce like Tyson as we call her now, but however, this morning well, early afternoon she didn’t so, ~D~ woke them up. First it was yep, you guessed it, her big sis got stopped on and the her friend got the sweet side of her with a friendly cuddle. Aww, Tyson, can be cute. I didn’t hear any noise so I went in there and found the two cuddling on the bed, ~D~ was actually playing with her lip. How cute is that? So much for sleeping in more, right girls? I guess you will be putting something in front of the door next time hey!!!

~J~ Informs me that her friend is going home soon, so she starts her chores and I let her know since I did make some of the dishes last night from the cookies I was so ambitiously in the mood to make that I would help her do them. So she starts the water and lets them soak and gets in the shower. Well, me being the nice mother that I think or at least try to be….Yep that’s me…I go ahead and do the dishes up so that all she has to do when she gets out is dry and put them away, what I didn’t realize is that while she was showering and I was doing the dishes…Can you guess where I am going with this…Her water became colder as I used up all the hot water…oops..Sorry kid, just trying to help.

I still feel great…Can you believe it, Low pain still. I can’t believe it. So I carry on with things that need to be done. Heck I’m taking advantage of this low pain day, I don’t get them often along with my mood being great. So I jump on the computer and look over and the little monster is running a muck. Yep, Does mom ever just get a second for herself??? So, in the midst of the muckness (if that’s a word?) or at least my new momism, I get ready to yell something, she comes running over with her little lips all puckered up with a big ol kiss ready for me…All I could do was smile and giggle. At that moment I knew it was time for her nap and sure enough when I picked her up, thumb in mouth as the usual sign that she is ready for a nap and NOW, Its MOM time….Yay!!!

Which leads too my time with all of you!!! Now, its been several hours that I have been adding things here and there, I must say Mom here is ready for her nap. So until later…



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