Pain~~~The hidden illness

Why me?? Why me, I ask myself..I ask myself that each and everyday. Its just not fair for my girls as well as for me. So if your reading I bet your wondering, why is this crazy woman blogging about this….Well…there’s a reason to my madness. Recently, I went to my new Rhumetologist and he confirmed what was previously diagnosed but not diagnosed. Confusing I know, but hey its life. On top of what I am already dealing with now I have to deal with this new stuff. This new stuff I mean, Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome and Arthritis. Yep, not one or maybe two…but 3…Lucky me huh?? So my next question to him was..well, what do we do and what are you going to give me to help with these flair ups that I have been having because I have been doing my research and I know that I have been having serious, painful, fibro flair ups. Not these ones that you can just get through the day by a asperine, btw…I don’t take…but you know the kind that actually puts me out of commission. 

I was literally out of commission for Christmas day, broke my heart, New years day…yep that one too…and not by other substances…There has been other times due to the weather..Yes the weather. Mother nature here in Wisconsin sucks severely and she is not very kind by any means. Well, he says….You have to call your other doctors and see what they want to prescribe you because I don’t feel comfortable prescribing you anything due to the other medications that you are on. GET OUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! You mean I have to wait again, and do my own work, call my own doctors and have them prescribe my med’s…SERIOUSLY…I mean I get it…but alot of the medications that I am on already treat the conditions you just diagnosed me with!!!! 

I felt defeated, back to the drawing board…I literally cried all the way home because I knew, just knew it would be a couple more days of calling the other doctors and explaining the situation and quite frankly at this moment, 3:30 p.m. I didn’t have the energy to explain anything to anyone…I wanted to crawl under a blanket forever…FOREVER!!! lol… See, I am not sure what it is and if anyone can explain it to me as to why I do this but I get in a mood where I don’t want to talk to anyone or I just don’t have the energy to talk to anyone…So I knew how my following day was looking to be like.

  • Call each doctor
  • Either talk to the nurse or leave a detailed message, sometimes I don’t always explain myself the best. So hopefully I explain to their understanding.
  • If I get voicemail, wait for a call back.
  • Then wait for them to talk to the doctor and then wait for another call back

So, the next day went better than I actually thought. I called my psych doctor first because his nurse I like better and I explained to him the situation and he actually called me back quite quickly (say that 10 but irritated, doctor says wait til visit next week to talk about med’s. I really don’t care for my psych doctor all that much, but don’t have too much to choose from so I have to deal. I’m stuck so to say…If ya get my drift.

The pain doctor, kinda went the same way, left a msg on the voicemail, nurse called me back, she got the information from me and relayed to my pain doctor who in turn I at this moment am drawing a blank, I believe she too said next week at your appointment we shall talk about it. Inflammatories  Currently, we are having a severe drop in tempature so my fibro is actually starting to kick in so my memory rather sucks right now.

  • my shoulders feel like I got smacked by a mack truck.
  • My legs are aching something fierce.
  • My feet are killing me, between the burning like they are on fire and then the pins and needles (tho not sure if that is associated with fibro or not, it is currently happening)

Well, I believe I am going to go and take it easy and watch some Netflix…I am so hooked on it, Its better than regular cable. lol…You can watch full seasons. I am also hooked on hulu, that one rocks too. Sorry I can think of the other half of the name of this show, Greys Anatomy, I think thats what its called. If Im wrong, sorry… Fibrofog…sucks let me tell ya…lol..


9 thoughts on “Pain~~~The hidden illness

  1. sorry to hear about the diagnosis. How are you feeling now? I pray that you get better 🙂
    Thanks for visiting me at my place and thanks for your valuable comment. Would you mind following me as well? I am going to subscribe to your emails! take care.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are going through all this. I know the Wisconsin winters can be brutal, I lived there for two years and hightailed it back down south quickly. Have any of your doctors had you talk to a nutritionist? Your diet can help play a huge role in alleviating inflammation which in turn could help with some of your aches.

    • The doctor has prescribed me some different meds in hopes it helps but i never thought about my diet. I have however started working out at a gym, you know working out on the treadmill but when it gets these weird temp. changes all I can do is muster up the energy to walk around. Ive thought about a move too, like arizona as well. Hopefully something will change soon.

  3. First~you aren’t alone. Second~you are your own best advocate. 3rd~you must keep yourself in check.
    I was diagnosed in May 2005. Cymbalta and Relafen have been a God send. Relafen is anti-inflammatory. Keep a journal of your symptoms, and bring that journal, along with a current list of meds to ALL of your appointments. Prayers and (hugs) to you!

    • I finally got the doctor to prescribe me lyrica and meloxicam. Last night was the first night I took it and today I felt great, not sore like usual and it was absolutely wonderful but then I waited to long to take my pain pill and had to wait for it to kick it. So tommorrow, I have plans so I am hoping it wasnt my mind playing tricks on me and it works great for me. So hopefully this cocktail of meds will finally work for me.

  4. Sorry to hear of your pain. I’m in a similar situation, do you mind if I ask what type of medications you are currently taking. If not thats fine, I was a pharmacy tech for 8 yrs before my current stint as a sahm. Just wondering if you’ve tried all the options. There are some fairy new medications out there that some drs are not aware of. Also have you tried acupuncture. I myself cannot aford it but my friend swears by it.

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