Kids…The things they do!!!

So what does a mom do when she has exhausted all things imaginable?? I mean when is enough really enough. I know kids will be kids but honestly I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle and I am drowning. Lets see, I will list them and you tell me if it looks like I am downing or just imagining,.

  • Constantly having to remind about the little chores she has. This is everyday type of constant.
  • Not appreciative of the things given, not even acknowledge that she have nice things…
  • Hence the none appreciative things…Lost not one AT&T smart phone, but 2, yes 2 smart phone, but this time told me right away unlike the last time.
  • waits til last minute to do homework, or plays catch up after the assignment is due to turn it in.
  • Lies about stupid and silly things, and then acts like I am stupid for catching her and then cant once again acknowledges that she is even wrong, even when she is busted.
  • For example, the lying part, She fell asleep, got busted for sleeping, no chores or homework done and tried to say she vacuumed. I know when my carpet is vacuumed, plus everything down to the wipes were still in the same place before I left, cause I left them there. Busted….Took about 20 minutes and then she finally fessed.
  • Case in point…the other night, she goes into the bathroom, shes in there for like 30 minutes…Don’t hear a single noise, cough, sneeze…nothing…So I go to the door and knock. Still nothing..So I said her name…A couple rather 5 seconds later I hear a rather soft “yeah”, and then she opens the door and turns out the lights. I asked her what she was doing. Now, I know when she is sleeping, Christ she has fallen asleep in the bathroom before but…I can tell when she is abruptly woken up…I asked her what the hell she was doing..wouldn’t answer me…Frustrated I asked her, were you sleeping…This is what she tells me…NO shit…”I was working on my computer, and turns to look at the bathroom, like it was going to jump out and save her or something..” I was like huh…lol..Irritated now, I’m like weren’t do that you were sleeping…no I wasn’t she admittedly swears…I come back and say, I can see it on your face, hear it in your voice and girl, you were in the bathroom for 30 minutes…Ya never flushed the toilet….GIVE IT UP…YOUR BUSTED BIG TIME…

So today, she comes home to tell me, after I had called her several times and text her to see if she wanted a ride home from school being that it is so cold out and she never answered me. So she walked home. Well, now I know why she didn’t call or text me…Anywhoo….lol…What amazes me is that she told the office but failed to tell the officer on duty that could have done something…ugh…So in 2 months, after telling her this was THE last phone you are ever getting unless you pay for one on your own…Amazingly for whatever reason she takes it to gym class and someone steals it, instead of leaving it in her backpack where it would been locked up nice and tight….argggg…lol…

So what am I to do….I am so close to sending her to Utah where they have the military school for youth that basically are misbehaving and whatnot…I just cant handle it..She disrespects me and disrespects herself more importantly…Not the way I raised her at all. Now her Principal sees something magical and something promising in her..I just wish she saw it in herself. I used to see it before, now she has kind of given up on herself and just let go…I know she can do so much more, but she WONT….


Anywhoo….I give up…I’m lost and just don’t know what to do with her anymore, I get no help from her father and I am reading this new book called, Parenting Teens with Love & Logic by Foster Cline,MD & Jim Fay. Its a very interesting book, its all about “Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood” (Foster Cline, Jim Fay, 2006) So far its really interesting as i just started, her principal just gave it to me to read, it definitely gave me a new perspective on raising a teenager.




6 thoughts on “Kids…The things they do!!!

  1. Not criticizing, everyone has their reasons, but just curious … Why did she get two smart phones instead of two regular phones with text/talk abilities? Those data plans alone are enough to make me dizzy, and teens don’t actually NEED to carry the internet around with them, especially when most have access to it at home and school. I could see you paying for a basic phone for her so you could keep in touch, but I am sincerely trying to understand why parents are buying their teens smart phones and forking over the cash for the bills each month for their kids to have internet at all times.

    • well actually it was a smart phone but it was a prepaid plan with only 250 minutes, unlimited texting and no internet or anything like that. She burned her first bridge with loosing her phone so we put her on that plan because it was plenty for her since all she really does is text anyways. Thanks for the comment…

  2. Hang in there! Having raised a daughter (she’s 23) I feel your pain. It really does get better. My daughter started her crap about the time she turned 12. I went through everything from her not doing chores to her going to court for truancy. Now after telling you this, from someone who’s been there done that got the t-shirt and the koozie there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong she will come around.

    • Thanks so much, atleast that does make me feel better, I was to the point of thinking it was time to start thinking military schools or something. Coming from a single mom it was a tough decision but atleast there i would know she is safe and sound. Sounds extreme but when your at your witts end what are you suppose to do…

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