Babies and Glasses!!!

So about 3-6 months we finally took the little stinker in to get her eyes looked at because not only was she looking at us cross eyed more often than we really liked her to but her right eye was also turning in quite often. While it was cute at first when she would look at us cross eyed…lol.. but then it started getting us worried. So I first talked to her baby doctor and he referred me to the local eye doctor, who btw what exellent with her. I must say after literally fighting with a 1 year old to sit still so the doctor could look at her eye and apparently everyone…I repeat eyeryone could hear her in the waiting room. I must have sounded like I was killing my poor child cause I know sitting there holding her still was quite a struggle. I wouldnt suggest it to anyone…lol…Even my worst enemy…hehe…Should have seen the looks I got when I came out, I had to say, “What she’s fine, I wasn’t hurting her, just ask the doctor. Sheesh’. Needless to say I am not shy when people look at me funny like I am hurting my child or something and I am so not. Later on I’ll tell you a story about a lady who tried to tell me her opinion on how SHE THOUGHT I SHOULD NOT ONLY RAISE MY OLDEST BUT TALK TO HER AS WELL, needless to say she was about 2, I believe and we were at the airport for atleast 3 hours longer than necessary and it was just rediculous and I was at my wits end with my oldest and this lady. I will save that for its own blog post. lol…So back to the eye doctor. After we finished the exam and I was looked apon like I just beat the absolute shit out my child. We decided while we were out and about we should go get her fitted for glasses. 

So we ventured over to Shopko, Since the eye doctor has an optical place right they but would you believe they don’t accept medicare…REALLY!!!!! Are you serious….So inconvient. Anywhoo…We went over to where I get my exam and glasses cause I know they accept it and the eye place actually told me to go there!!! So we get there all ready to get this over with and get the glasses order for little miss…NOPE….OF COURSE….JUST MY LUCK…Apparently, they don’t have a big demand for little ones glasses so the kit they have, they have to send for when requested for and then send back. So I put in my request for it and now I have to wait and the lady tells me “Well, I’m not sure when we will get it in.” I told her well, could you request for it to be rushed cause I kinda need it asap…Really lady could you be a little understanding??? 

So now the waiting game…Yep, that’s exactly what we did, and they acted like ho hum…no biggie..Finally, I called and raised holey hell, since it was almost a month since we were in there and her appointment was in a month, and would you believe 2 days later, I get a phone call that the kit mysteriously arrived…hmmmm….So we looked at all of them and little miss was so good as she just sat there while we tried several pairs on her and finally found the pair that fit her perfectly…They were meant for her, seriously…

The eye doctor was amazed how well the glasses were doing their job and to this date, still having issue of her keeping them on…I feel like a failure cause I cant get her to keep them on…If anyone reads this…Any ideas…So today, she has them on and would you believe she bent the one arm, so here we go to Shopko to get them fixed, Thank god it doesn’t cost to get them fixed my only fear is if she has to be with…Oh well…it is what it is….

Well, off to do errands, have a great day…

Love ya’ll.

Kelly Lynn!!!


One thought on “Babies and Glasses!!!

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