My night out!!!

So yesterday was my day out!!! yayyy, it was great, a day for myself to be me. It was a day without kids and just a day to me kelly. Not a mom or anything else, I was more or less free if you want to call it that. So I had various stops before the fun started, and my long drive ensued. It was almost a 3 hour drive that I knew was going to kill me but to my surprise for the very first time the drive down there was great. My back didn’t hurt. I guess the new combination of medications are finally working and its wonderful I must say. Who would have known me, yes me would have picked the right medications to aid in my pain control. I guess doctors don’t know it all. lol…So on Monday that is the big day when I call my pain doctor and tell her I need a full script of Lyrica cause that seems to be one the mystery drugs that is aiding in my pain relief along with the rest of the medications. They are all working together to help me out. So, after my couple stops…I was on the road to enjoy my 2 hour road trip by this time. Music blaring and mountain dew in hand I am a happy camper…

Well, I finally meet up with ~S~, and we get everything packed in the car and we are off again, for another 30 min drive which I am now completely…Good thing he is driving…lol..Well, we get to where we are suppose to be and cars are everywhere and the house is absoultley gorgeous and to my amazement….Everyone is wearing either socks, slippers or sandles…RESPECT…Yep they all had respect for someone else’s house. Its amazing there are still some people out there that has respect for other people’s things…AMAZING…lol….

It was awesome when we got there, I was so welcomed and it felt great for once. I haven’t felt so wanted somewhere and so welcomed somewhere it was so awesome. I met so many new people and some I had met before. So everyone stood around and munched on some really great finger food before the fun at what they call “Bar Olympics , So I must say sorry to my partner ~N~ because I really sucked cause we lost 2 games in which mean’t we lost first round and then lost the losers bracket…If only we would have been able to get picked for darts…I would have rocked…but no….we had basketball and WII bowling…which I did horrible at…but yet we still had a blast at…lol…and that’s what counts…right????

The problem I seem to have tho is separating myself from being a mom and just having fun, what I mean is still talking about my kids and showing pictures or even talking about my back sometimes. How does a mother separate herself from that. Is it possible to go somewhere and not talk about her kids and show pictures at all. That’s my question to anyone that reads this blog post. Can you as a mom when you go out to have fun completely separating  yourself and not talk about your babies for a single night? As hard as I tried it was like the more i did it. lol…It was crazy, I wonder if anyone was sick of hearing about my girls…I sure hope not and i hope no one got sick of hearing about anything else I talked about and i hope I didn’t leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth ya know. Tho I did talk with one person about my blog and when we were all leaving he did remember talking about and asked me the name of my blog and when I told him it he chuckled and said how cute of a name, and how perfect. So that made me feel great. hehe.

So, as I made my journey home, yes the nice 2 and half hour drive I did alot of thinking and I really wanted to make my blog post last night but I was just too darn tired but I wish you all a great Sunday and see ya’ll tomorrow with some more random ramblings…lol…

Love ya’ll

Kelly lynn


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