So as I sit down tonight, I realize I am so stumped on what I am going to really blog about. Though I’ve got several different ideas going thru my head tonight I am at odds on really on full subject. At the same time I sit down to really start plugging away, I look over to see ~D~ with a handful of plastic hangers. While normally most people would think “oh, okay that’s not a big deal, but oh my dear friend” it sure is a biggie… when ~D~ is my 16 month old…lol…hehe.. While she is having such a blast running rapid throughout the house and smacking everything and anything in the house, I am so afraid everything is going to slam on the floor….lol..So, I must stop what I am doing, like always, A mothers job is never done…Play bad guy and put all the hangers away like my 13 year old should have done while she was putting laundry away, since that’s the only way the little one could have gotten them, is if the oldest left them out for the little one to get them. I call that pure laziness, yep. I must sound like I am going on a tangent and I really wasn’t planning for that when I started this out. Okay so got that out of my system…lol..

So, I rented a new movie last night for the little one and well, ME too!!! A mom can still like cute cartoonish movies too!! So I guess this would be my input on the newest movie out!!

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA!!! Not very often does one look cute enough to really, I mean really catch my attention but this one did. And it was by far a winner…I was so cute and funny it certainly caught my attention and the attention of a very very active and very curious and into everything that isn’t hers 16 month old little girl. I so recommend this to any family that has the chance to rent a movie for a night because you wont be upset. I am actually going to buy it for her next week if I have to count the last pennies I have. She watched it today like 3 separate times and I must say it is the best babysitter ever!!!

So I have to say that was my 1st ever movie mom review, hopefully everyone liked and maybe there will be more.

I gotta tell ya, I am in so much pain, this weather in Wisconsin so far is just killing me. I mean the ups and downs and now we are getting pounded with snow. Every muscle and joint in my body is just freaken screaming at me, and mind you its not screamin very nice at me…lol…I’m serious, for me to make it thru a day is a miracle. Thank fully the doctors the doctors have been nice enough to start changing my meds around to help me with the pain and also the nerve pain is horrendous as well. Its a miracle I can get out of bed some days and I’m not exaggerating, since after my 1st back surgery I had 6 severely pinched nerves and its just gotten worse since then that my pain doctor keeps asking me how my nerves are doing with the new meds because she knows how bad they affect me.


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