Well, today was a rough and a tough day for me health wise. I usually don’t like to talk about my health because I still feel like I am complaining but come on now this is my blog for pete sakes…lol..So yesterday was my pain doctor appointment and I had my injections. If anyone is not familiar with that, I had SI injections on both sides and I don’t know but wow…both ones this time and just wow…I am sore today..Like super duper sore, more than I am with just one side. So hopefully it gets better as the days go on cause its that deep down soreness throughout your body. All that comes to mind is when I was a kid and my mom would say after sitting or being outside when it was really bone bitter cold, she would say” I’ve been out here so long that I think the cold has seeped down into my bones, I hurt so bad”. That’s how I feel today and it weird cause when I only have one injection done it usually doesn’t hurt this bad but if it continues to ache this bad I dont think I will have them done next month again. 

Tho, I did however get some good new today, for the third time calling this new neurosurgeon from out of town the finally called me back so I have an appointment. Yay!!!! I am so excited, tho it isn’t until April but hey its a start and I cant complain for that right??

So as for the rest of the night, whats a gal to do when it just keeps on snowing and snowing….Wishing it would just go away…lol..Like I said Winter Wonderland…yeah right!!! lol…This mom sure has had her fill of the wintery white stuff and that my friends is for darn sure.

Love ya’ll

Kelly Lynn


Featured Blogger

As I have been carrying on the last couple weeks and this week I am behind a day, I do apologize .just haven’t been feeling my best. I did want to keep up with my promise I made and have my featured blogger of the week. 

Now this weeks new blogger is one that I actually found first when I started blogging. When I first googled blogging and found the website bloggers, Her website actually caught my eye first and foremost. I absolutely love her style of blogging and how her blogging just pops. I want everyone to welcome:

I have to say there is one post that jumps out at me that she had made and it completely stuck in my head til this day. It referred to her issue with feet. She made it very clear that she doesn’t like feet, wants absolutely nothing to do with feet and she goes on to explain why. While I thought it was a humorous post, she was completely serious as she made a point as to why feet don’t make sense and as to why god would create such a thing. Please check out her blog and her facebook page, I enjoy reading it as there is always something new and I have actually taken a lot from several of her posts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Great job Inklings….

The things kids do!!

Well, its official I am amazed!! I bet your wondering what I am talking about right?? Well, most of you know or I would hope as you follow my blog you know that I have a 16 month old and everyday she just amazes me more and more every single day!! Well, we have this routine or rather she has this routine and I am just the one that is subject to following such routine, says her. She is in control and anyone who has a children knows this…lol..They are in control and no matter what you do to change that regardless, besides why would you want to change it?? This is the years they start learning things and these are the growing years. Now, don’t call me an expert I am just speaking on experience of having a 13 year old and now a 16 month old. Except my 13 year old was NO where near this bossy and routined like “Little Miss”.

Now Little Miss has this routine everyday of Quaker Oatmeal, yes Quaker Oatmeal. I must say Quaker Oatmeal and not because I am sponsoring them or anything but because it has to be that brand oatmeal. We have tried several generic brands and she is picky to the taste and brand. Very picky but back to her routine!! Everyday she has to have 2 bags of Oatmeal and she will walk over to the cabinet that we have it in and look up at it and cry or talk or just do anything to get your attention, that says “Hello, I am ready for my Oatmeal!!!” EVERYDAY!!! Now she isn’t picky which flavor but it has to be Fruit & Cream which is 5 Flavors. She isn’t picky in that aspect but she isn’t a fan of the Maple Brown and Sugar, As her sister was an Oatmeal freak when she was her age but she only liked the Maple Brown and sugar eater. Tho with her sister it didn’t matter which generic it was just as long as it was Oatmeal. lol…

Now, Little Miss also has a routine of other things as well, she also knows that after her afternoon/evening nap is dinner time and yes she still gets Beech-Nut baby food, for the fruits and veggies, because she is a picky eater in this aspect. She isn’t a big dinner eater. She loves noodles but isn’t a big meat eater. She I still give her those fruits and veggies to make sure she gets her vitamin’s. Although she is the exact weight and height she is suppose to be I still worry about her eating habits. Her sister on the other hand ate any type of meat out there, but not Little Miss. Another thing she know in the cabinet is the Hershey’s syrup for her occasional chocolate milks…lol…Those are her treats and yes her doctor okay’ed it.

Once again I am not being sponsored by these companies for mentioning their names I just put them in there to talk about what I feed the kinda picky but very routined Little Miss but out of all the baby food I will say and tell everyone that Beech Nut in my opinion is about the best smelling, looking and even tasting, and yes I have tasted their baby food.(If I don’t like the way it tastes I don’t feel right giving it to my child) Just my opinion, you might not agree with it but if it smells horrible and tastes horrible are you honestly going to subject your child to it??

Well, off to bath time and just Little Miss and her sister time!!!

Love ya’ll

Kelly lynn

new beginnings

Howdy!!! well, news news news..Im so happy I am beyond myself…So you are probably wondering what its all about?? Well, I have a new website that I am working on, so please check it out and let me know what ya’ll think. http// its mine all mine!! Please dont be shy but dont forget about me here either and again dont forget about voting for me at circle of moms cause the deadline is coming up fast, March 1st….

Well, off to do mommy things that i have put off all day for my website!! Naughty me but I was so excited to get working on it I just couldn’t stop in the middle of it. So talk to ya’ll later..

Love ya’ll

Kelly lynn

PLease everyone

Sorry I haven’t posted today like i had wanted to but, life came up and I’ve also been working on my other website that I thought this blog would have been transferred over there but apparently not so Im starting from scratch over there so please excuse me for not being here as much the last couple days. Though I did want to ask all my loyal readers to please go over and visit circle of moms and vote for me for top 25 mom blogs, it would really make my day to be in there and we only have until march 1st, so please please….I ask you…

Well, having a bit of a family emergency right now but wanted to get on here and at least  leave some kind of a message to ya’ll..

Love ya’ll

Kelly Lynn

Back to the drawing board!!

Well, Good evening folks. Welcome everyone to tonight’s blog, hope your not let down. Well first off I am rather let down but no fear I will bounce back, to explain a little. I was trying out this little part time gig which was merely part time and apparently ended before it really While in a way I am glad it is over cause it wasn’t quite my type of work in another way I am bothered that they let me go. I had to call in yesterday due to the snow storm and my sitter could’t make it over due to getting stuck in the snow so I called in to work and today I am told that they don’t need me anymore. Wondering to myself if it was a bit of that and a bit of the fact that my sales where low too, either way now I can concentrate on this more. Yay!! 

Now, I would like to shine the spot light on a fellow blogger again this week, it is still the same as she will be in the spot light all week. Please check out not only her fantastic blog but also her facebook page. She blogs about a mental illness and it is something that a lot of people deal with on a daily basis, now I don’t have the statistics of how many due suffer in america but many Americans do these days. She has a great following and it was the second blog I found but it was the first bipolar blog I followed and was very happy to have found a blog of such magnitude and felt more comfortable about starting a blog about such a thing. So please check out her blog and her facebook page,

I have to say again, both are well designed and she talks about the issue so comfortably because it is something that shouldn’t be hidden or be embarrassed about. If anyone suffers from it should seek help because like myself, who battles this daily, it can be quite a struggle with out support of some kind. The point she does make as well as myself on my blog is that we aren’t doctors and we don’t claim to be one, we are just explaining our own experience with being bipolar and especially myself is that I am trying to help people to understand and if I can help one person who didn’t understand it yesterday and by reading my blog today understands it more and knows someone with bipolar and is able to comfort a friend or a love one better. Then I feel I’ve done what I seeking out to do and that was to help anyone suffering from it. If it helps just one person out there than awesome, I am delighted.

Other than that, I have been doing more research to make my blog a better and better one than it can be and let me tell ya its a hard…but I am not complaining just learning more and more and hopefully my website will be better and better soon, that is in the works but please check out some of my tools that I have just added to my blog to help make your own blog better and better. There is a even a blog grab link you can click on to see what you can get so please people check out the new links to make your blog better than ever..I have it is in the works.


Love ya’ll

Kelly lynn


Well, I haven’t blogged about my health that much lately cause it seemed to be going okay despite some pain days but i know by now how to get through them for the most part. The problem I am having right now is the last two days I’ve noticed, is that my bipolar has kicked in Manic and it feels almost like an out of body experience looking in, and I am really scared right now. I don’t know what has triggered it this time and I am trying to control it or slow it down. Lately, it seems that when I get involved with an activity like I have the last couple days, I start to get manic, where everything seems to be rushed, I am being rushed, and my mind is clouded and I cant get it to slow down or stop and that really scares me cause I am usually really good about controlling this. It seems like i am so into the project that I have forgotten half the stuff I did tonight or yesterday in regards of what I wrote or websites I have visited..I just feel out of control and it really scares me, so I took some of my anxiety medications hoping that it might calm me down a bit…I don’t know if my medications are working like they were before and now its time to either change them or change the dosing…Cause I cant live manic all the time… I know this post seems kinda odd but I needed to vent what I was feeling because if you keep it bottled up inside, your worse off too. I know it doesn’t seem like my normal posts, I know but my blog is about my health too. Well, I am going to try and take a warm bath and calm myself down somehow…

Night all,

Love Ya’ll

Kelly Lynn

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