Working on something new!!!

Well for starters…I am sooo excited…I received my letter in the mail from UW Manitowoc, they accepted me to start in the Fall…A real school wants me. How totally cool is that??? Finally I can get some order back in my life. Its been awhile since I’ve had some type of order, some type of schedule. As hard as I try to get a schedule going everyday, it just never pans out. So I just give up and try the next day and guess what folk…Yep you guessed it…It does’t happen. So..Now I just have to finish the next two classes at the school I am going to right now and look out folk here I come…hehe..


Next, Its something totally special that I am working on and I cant tell anyone. It all started with an email I got this morning at oh…6:00 am when I woke up out of a dead sleep, well my alarm woke me up out of that nice, dead sleep that well, I don’t get all that often. Well, anywhoo…For some reason that I have no idea why but I grabbed my phone and away I went checking my email. To my surprise, this email came up and I checked it out and eagerly for what reason I still don’t know I got all excited and have been doing tons of research for it all day. No kidding folks and you will all, at least my friends who are following me will find out soon enough. All I can tell you is, that it is a huge step for me blogging wise, big step for me in the sense of learning new things. Let me tell ya I’ve been working on this all day, I mean I’ve just started my new adventure….hehe..So like I said my friends…I’ve got big new coming your way…Your going to be so surprised….Or at least I hope your going to be surprised..


Well, folks Im off to work on my new adventure…Ill be back,

Kell lynn….


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