something new….

So I’ve been working on several new things…part of the things is that I want to attend a blogging conference in Sept. So Ive decided to come with some ideas on how I am going to accomplish that such task. So, first how am I going to get this such blogging conference?? What blogging conference I bet your going to ask. Well, Bloggy Moms is having this conference in September that sounds really interesting that I really want to go to and it is in Sandusky, Ohio.

Well, first how am I going to afford such a trip, with air fair  food, the hotel, incidentals. Now of course my family is going to be going with me on this trip so I have more expenses as if I were to go by myself. Of course they wouldn’t be involved in the conference itself but still I have to come up with hotel money and such.

So what do I do, I look for sponsors is my next route. Now, I know September seems like it would a ways away but in order to find sponsors I have to start now because there is a lot of work to do from now until them because I have to write out letters and contact them and do all necessary things in order to hope to get what I need in order to get to the conference, which I really do want to go to. It would teach me so much and I would meet so many interesting people I can just image. Man I sure hope so. I already have some companies in mind to contact. I did some research already for what companies I would want to sponsor my blog. They should be ones that would be associated somehow with things I regularly blog about.

Well, things I regularly blog about are kids, phones, babies, kids toys, diapers and baby food, clothes…things like that…So while I think I have a good start on the companies I would like to represent and the blogging conference and to have my blog represent them after, I am just hoping that my honestly with them in my proposal I have written up makes them want to help out me and they understand that I am a good fit to represent them. I know that this blog hasn’t been that active for long but I did have 2 other blog that were active and still are open, I just don’t blog on them anymore, I have them going for probably 6 months or so and I had a few people but this blog seems to be doing better than those did. I feel more confident in this this blogs name and how I have designed this one.

Another project I just came up with is my own website, tho you cant add ads to it or pictures to it. The only thing you can do is blog on it and post a twitter link and a facebook link on it, and here is the my website link ….  hope everyone checks it out!!!

Well, I guess thats all for now….If anyone does read this and does want to sponsor me…I am working on everything to go with sponsoring me so please email me or leave me a message….you can email me

love ya’ll

Kelly lynn


One thought on “something new….

  1. Hey Kelly! I saw your post in the Bloggy Buddies Group and decided to check out your blog! I love it. I love the totally random, never know whats gonna happen, everyday life of a mother blogs. That’s what I aim for in my blog. The random funny junk my kids do to keep me entertained and the somewhat more structured and educational attempts I make at entertaining them. I am VERY new and would love for you to check out what I am doing so far and give me any pointers along the way. Thanks! Queen Mommy

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