Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited.

Sure I had a normal childhood, I had 2 parents and a brother. I had the normal family dog like almost everyone in the neighborhood. We went on camping trips every year that was one of the highlight of my summer, well besides no school.

Though, I was that shy kid in school, you know the one that kept quiet in class and the one that dreaded the teacher to call on. I was also the one that all the kid picked on as it started as early as grade school that I can remember. Of course I didn’t tell my parents cause that would have been just so embarrassing  Though now I tell my kids to tell me if they are being picked on in school cause I will do something about it. How times have changed or just that I had a different relationship with my mom and times have changed. It said to say but its true. I have to start accepting certain feelings and this is one of them, I was kind of embarrassed of my mom handling anything when it came to making a scene. I love my mom very much, tho she passed on now and its been since 1995. But lets face it, times have changed and as parents we are a log cooler and our kids look up to us different than we looked up to ours. I don’t know about other people but the people I know that are parents don’t seem to be as strict as when we were kids. Lets face it, times have changed.

I guess I now and then I find myself doing things my mom would say or do and I swore if I became a parent I would never do or say those things but its hard sometimes cause my mom and dad were truly great parents even if at the time I didn’t agree with what they were doing, but i was a kid then. I am thankful for the things they did do because I truly believe if not for them I wouldn’t be the parent I am today. God bless them and I love them so much…..


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