Winter Wonderland….hmmm

Well, I ask…After the Christmas season pretty much over and done with except for the bills still coming in…Is it really a winter wonderland??? I dont know about all of you but to me it is nothing but a mess. Yes for a short time it is white, but it then becomes a dirty mess. Its nothing but an inconvience. Especially for the ones like me with severe back problems, we dread this time of year. Thankfully I have people in my life that are willing to go and shovel for me, I just wish for once I could find one of those snow blowers. I would go out and fight this white crap then.

Well, I finally got the little one on to a new movie to wear out. She was wearing out Arthurs Christmas. Let me tell ya it is by far the cutest Christmas movie but after a month of over and over….I have to say enough is enough  I honestly lost count on how many times she has watched it. Now she can wear out two dvd’s…We picked up the Blue ray and dvd combo of “Hotel Transylvania.”

So tonight, I thought I would just blog about dinner and a relaxing night at home. I am working on my sponsorship letters and just chillaxin with the baby girl. Staying far and far away from that previously mentioned white crap…lol….

Little stinker as we sometimes call her is recovering from her cold that she has managed to pass throughout the house. Nice huh??? I think we have made it through the tough part, now it is just to keep her from catching one back to back and that my friends is the main goal.

Until next time,,,,

love ya, kelly lynn


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