At first I prefer to read all about it, and then I am every part of the hands on kinda gal. I need to be that kind of person and if im not then I feel so lost.

When I used to waitress, I would watch how everyone did it and then I would apply how they did it plus my own little tweaks and then jump right in. It would calm me down from all the anxiety of the pressure to jump right in and just do it. After i started to train people I would watch how many people would want to jump right in and how they werent ready by far and I often wondered “did people think that way about me?”

Now right now Im an online college student and I am stumped by this new class im in. The new class is algebra and I am just having the hardest time with it. All the hands all approach is not saving me none. I barely squeezed the first algebra class out with a C. Im so scared that I am going to be able to squeeze this class out with a C because it is so difficult. I never studied this in high school and now 15 years later I am doing it again but without the first part. It would have been better if i was math literate like many others i know or at least live close enough to a tutor. hopefully I will be able to pull it off some way or another.

Wish me luck….
kelly lynn


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