Thoughts of up coming changes!!!!

Well folks, it comes a time that I get serious with my blogging and I get organized. So after careful consideration and planning today I’ve come up with a calendar of events, if you will. I guess I decided I needed to get something down in writing on how I wanted to do this. I also figured if I am going to get any real people that want to really get interested in what I have to say I have to sit down and write more often.

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the daily prompts what are offered on here but I get emails with them and I always just look at them and say “of wow, I should really do that one or this one.” Then never really go back to them, so now is the time for change.

I came up with this schedule, every morning I am going to get up and do the daily prompts first thing. Then later in the afternoon I have a schedule on what I am going to blog about.

  • Monday~ I call this funday…Still working on it, but I would like to post something to lift up everyone spirits being that it is Monday and most people are dragging.
  • Tuesday~ All about how my health is doing and how I am feeling this particular day and how I have been feeling. All about me day.
  • Wednesday~ All about my girls, since my ~D~ is home with me, I should have at least 1 thing to blog about in a day.
  • Thursday~ Anything day or maybe a guest blogger.
  • Friday~ All about my girls again.
  • Saturday~ Anything day or maybe a guest blogger again.
  • Sunday~ Possibly open to take the day off, with exception for my daily post in the morning.

So you see this is my calendar of events and its pretty simple and I shouldn’t have any troubles staying to it. This way it not only opens up my blog up to more activity but gets me doing more and gets me regulated. : like I said in the calendar thee are two open nights for anything and or a guest blogger. I’d like to incorporate people into my blog too so if your a mommy blogger, who blogs about kids obviously, health issues, shoot me an email…


Well, looks like that it is about all for tonight…

Night all and love ya,

Kelly lynn


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