Well, after starting out with a couple other blogs and choseing names for those realizing that the names were okay at the time but after time seem to pass, the names sure didnt fit very well anymore. So I sat for awhile and decided to go with a whole new look since it was the new year and kept with the same idea of my previous blogs but combined the ideas. I then thought long and hard for a name that was fitting and that is how I came up with the idea that I chose. I came up with never cry over spilled milk because in life we shouldn’t sweat the small things and especially in my situation with having 2 young kids I cant sweat the small things. Also, when it comes to my health and all I need to learn to be more relaxed and calm and live life to the fullest because each day is a whole different day, with me having fibromyalgia and other illnesses, I never know what tommorrow is going to bring me. So I hope you enjoy my blog and the name!!!


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