Attention to all!!!!!

Please, I want to tell everyone somethings I just added to my blog in case ya’ll didn’t notice!!..hehe..well, for starters, I posted MY FIRST BUTTON FROM A FELLOW BLOGGER!!! PLEASE, check her blog out, it is amazing..not to say that anyone of my other followers blog is ANY LESS AMAZING…BUT, I figured since I had her button and I added it to my blog, I would start something new and start boasting new fellow bloggers so please If you want me to feature your blog…..send me your buttons…lol…OR I may just suprise ya’ll and go in search for it on my own!!! Now for me to create my own button…thats my next project…I havent a clue how to do that…lol….Next, I added my FB page and twitter addy…So please follow me there too….Well, I just got back from getting my nails and eyebrows done from the most amazing place in town, manitowoc, The place is TLC nails and Jet (I think thats how to spell his name, hes the hubby of the owners) but I have never had problems and they do amazing work. So if your ever in my neck of the woods you need to stop in there, Cause its worth it…lol….

Now, to tend to the girls….The oldest is having a friend spend the weekend cause her mom is having some kind of get together that was more adult than she wanted her daughter there exposed too and I feel better that she is here because they grow up too fast as it is…So my house is now the cool house on the block….lol…Little miss is sure loving all the big girls over here!!!

So here is my first of many mentions of amazing fellow bloggers and their amazing blogs….…and her Facebook page…   Thought I would throw that one in there too, since they go together…So there you go folks, she does a lot with education and especially educating them fun ways….enjoy all….She is a fellow mom blogger and loves her family a ton….

Love Ya’ll

Kelly lynn


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