Daily Prompt: Proud

Daily Prompt: Proud.

Well, I guess I would have to say this is going to be a little sappy….I know, I know…what now!!! lol… I guess its been awhile since someone has said that exact phrase to me but for me I guess there is one person that my heart just cries out for to hear that exact word, tho it will never happen. I know in my heart she is looking down and saying it to me all the time, or at least I hope she is…lol… Its my mom and I love and miss her so deeply it just breaks my heart… See, she passed away shortly after I graduated high school when I was 17. She was sick for several years and I was the one who was by her side almost all the way up until she took her last breath but I wasn’t there, I had gone home for the night as I did each and every other night but something was different that night and looking back now, I could tell I knew there was something odd in my behavior and the actions of the night leading up to her passing on but like they say, people will often wait for loved ones to wait to leave before they pass away. But anywhoo, getting back to subject of hand… I would love to hear that word come out of my dads mouth but hes is very stubborn at certain things so I don’t think I will ever get those very words to come to life.  Like I said I know or at least hope they are proud, I don’t always or haven’t always made the best choices but for the choices that count, I think I’ve done pretty good. I’ve raised a 13 year old pretty much on my own her entire life and now I’ve been raising a now 16 month old. I would have had an associates degree but shy 4 credits, I’m working on my bachelors degree and have been for the last 16 months and now come the fall Ill be starting my 3rd degree at an actual campus based school. The first degree I almost earned was when I was working and raising my oldest on my own. So I guess if no one else is PROUD of me, I should be of myself because of all the odds that are against me like the 2 major back surgeries that I have gone through. I am still fighting to make my way to the top and stop their. Not to mention stay true to myself on here for the world to see and continue despite what people may think of me or what I say or write, but its me or plain and simple…. Love or hate me but its me!!!!


Love ya’ll,

Kelly lynn


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