Back to the drawing board!!

Well, Good evening folks. Welcome everyone to tonight’s blog, hope your not let down. Well first off I am rather let down but no fear I will bounce back, to explain a little. I was trying out this little part time gig which was merely part time and apparently ended before it really While in a way I am glad it is over cause it wasn’t quite my type of work in another way I am bothered that they let me go. I had to call in yesterday due to the snow storm and my sitter could’t make it over due to getting stuck in the snow so I called in to work and today I am told that they don’t need me anymore. Wondering to myself if it was a bit of that and a bit of the fact that my sales where low too, either way now I can concentrate on this more. Yay!! 

Now, I would like to shine the spot light on a fellow blogger again this week, it is still the same as she will be in the spot light all week. Please check out not only her fantastic blog but also her facebook page. She blogs about a mental illness and it is something that a lot of people deal with on a daily basis, now I don’t have the statistics of how many due suffer in america but many Americans do these days. She has a great following and it was the second blog I found but it was the first bipolar blog I followed and was very happy to have found a blog of such magnitude and felt more comfortable about starting a blog about such a thing. So please check out her blog and her facebook page,

I have to say again, both are well designed and she talks about the issue so comfortably because it is something that shouldn’t be hidden or be embarrassed about. If anyone suffers from it should seek help because like myself, who battles this daily, it can be quite a struggle with out support of some kind. The point she does make as well as myself on my blog is that we aren’t doctors and we don’t claim to be one, we are just explaining our own experience with being bipolar and especially myself is that I am trying to help people to understand and if I can help one person who didn’t understand it yesterday and by reading my blog today understands it more and knows someone with bipolar and is able to comfort a friend or a love one better. Then I feel I’ve done what I seeking out to do and that was to help anyone suffering from it. If it helps just one person out there than awesome, I am delighted.

Other than that, I have been doing more research to make my blog a better and better one than it can be and let me tell ya its a hard…but I am not complaining just learning more and more and hopefully my website will be better and better soon, that is in the works but please check out some of my tools that I have just added to my blog to help make your own blog better and better. There is a even a blog grab link you can click on to see what you can get so please people check out the new links to make your blog better than ever..I have it is in the works.


Love ya’ll

Kelly lynn


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