Featured Blogger

As I have been carrying on the last couple weeks and this week I am behind a day, I do apologize .just haven’t been feeling my best. I did want to keep up with my promise I made and have my featured blogger of the week. 

Now this weeks new blogger is one that I actually found first when I started blogging. When I first googled blogging and found the website bloggers, Her website actually caught my eye first and foremost. I absolutely love her style of blogging and how her blogging just pops. I want everyone to welcome:



I have to say there is one post that jumps out at me that she had made and it completely stuck in my head til this day. It referred to her issue with feet. She made it very clear that she doesn’t like feet, wants absolutely nothing to do with feet and she goes on to explain why. While I thought it was a humorous post, she was completely serious as she made a point as to why feet don’t make sense and as to why god would create such a thing. Please check out her blog and her facebook page, I enjoy reading it as there is always something new and I have actually taken a lot from several of her posts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Great job Inklings….


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