Well, today was a rough and a tough day for me health wise. I usually don’t like to talk about my health because I still feel like I am complaining but come on now this is my blog for pete sakes…lol..So yesterday was my pain doctor appointment and I had my injections. If anyone is not familiar with that, I had SI injections on both sides and I don’t know but wow…both ones this time and just wow…I am sore today..Like super duper sore, more than I am with just one side. So hopefully it gets better as the days go on cause its that deep down soreness throughout your body. All that comes to mind is when I was a kid and my mom would say after sitting or being outside when it was really bone bitter cold, she would say” I’ve been out here so long that I think the cold has seeped down into my bones, I hurt so bad”. That’s how I feel today and it weird cause when I only have one injection done it usually doesn’t hurt this bad but if it continues to ache this bad I dont think I will have them done next month again. 

Tho, I did however get some good new today, for the third time calling this new neurosurgeon from out of town the finally called me back so I have an appointment. Yay!!!! I am so excited, tho it isn’t until April but hey its a start and I cant complain for that right??

So as for the rest of the night, whats a gal to do when it just keeps on snowing and snowing….Wishing it would just go away…lol..Like I said Winter Wonderland…yeah right!!! lol…This mom sure has had her fill of the wintery white stuff and that my friends is for darn sure.

Love ya’ll

Kelly Lynn


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