My first review!!!

Welcome, for all you compulsive candle lovers, this one is for you!!! Most of you don’t know this but I am an avid candle lover and I will first and foremost admit that I was at one time a Glade everything woman. If it was Glade, I had to have it regardless if it was on sale. That is all you would have found at one time in my house was glad brand everything especially candles, however that was before someone introduced me to Yankee Candle. I was like most people at first when it came to buying from Yankee Candle in that I thought, “Wow, that much for a candle?” UNTIL…. I went and bought my first couple candles and realized a few important things about their candles.

However, THIS review is not about Yankee Candle, it is rather about another well known company. This candle  line caught my eye while I was shopping today as Walmart and I JUST had to have it. The company is Air Wick and while I’ve never bought any of their products before this one really jumped out at me.

The candle is their Black Edition, Color Changing candle with the Festive Moments Vanilla Sugar Cookie Scent. Now, I know, most of you are thinking but that seems like a Christmas or rather a Holiday scent and all. I would have to say I would agree normally I too would associate that scent with that season but one look at this candle and it doesn’t resemble the Holiday season one bit. The Candle is in a glass holder which is black although you can get it in a white color for those of you who rather have it that color.  There is a interesting design on it, while its not a flower its is rather mesmerizing when it changes it color.

The colors that it rotates between are:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Blue

I am not quite sure as to how they get it to change color as there are no batteries to buy or outlets you need to plug into, just light it and watch the show. While it did however catch my eye for the black color as well as the changing light show, there were a few things that I didn’t much care for. Unfortunately, this is one product that does have its draw backs in my opinion, however some might view these as minor things and not care much. How can there be a true review without my true opinion even when there are some drawbacks. So here goes,

  • The main one, to me the most important one was the price. In my opinion this product as much as I love candle was a bit steep and it valued at almost $6.00 and that was at Walmart. For the size of the candle it seemed a bit high. I will do a post about how many hours I do get out of it once it burns completely, so I can let you know what you would get for your money!!
  • It is a rather small candle, for myself who is used to buying the larger candle designed for a living room or a large kitchen, this one was rather small.
  • I believe there is only one design on the candle, now might not be very important but some might not care for just the one design if they are decorating their apartment or home with these.
  • The scent is not very strong as I would have liked for a bit stronger one. I also didn’t like that the top of the candle didn’t have a better seal for the freshness to stay. I would have liked to have seen a better cover rather than the plastic type cover that comes on it.

This candle however for the size would be awesome for a small den, college dorm, entrance or walkway of a house for when company comes to visit. Now they did however have a lavender scent which would be great for a small bathroom which the size of this candle would be perfect for.

I did however have to try this particular candle because it really did seem to catch my attention walking by the aisle so in that aspect it is wonderful. On the other hand, I am not convinced that it is worth the money or some of the other reason however small but for me they are the deal breakers. Others might not agree and if you don’t great, you might have found your next candle but again that is you, the shoppers decision!!


Kelly Lynn


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