Daily Prompt: Places

Daily Prompt: Places.

Well, I thought about this one for a long time, a long long time and well I came up with…anywhere with my babies is fine with me. Sure I would love to live on the beach on some island far away but then I am dreaming and I dream enough. lol. Places are where my baby girls are and I am happy right there. As long as I can provide for my girls and have a roof over their heads then I am one happy momma. I do have one wish that I could be where the weather was warmer, maybe a warmer state like Arizona, you know where it is cheap enough to live because I have a cute story and I am not sure if many people would understand this but to me it makes sense. In my mind..lol, I went on a vacation with my oldest daughter when she was around 2 1/2 to visit her Grandparents who live in Arizona. Well, we can leave the traveling stories for another day cause we would be here for a long long time!!! When we arrived in Arizona and unpacked we decided to sit outside on the patio for awhile to unwind and relax and let my little one just run wild… That she did and she had a blast!!! Happy mommy I sure was, but I just sat there and took in the moment and thought to myself, “wow, this is like a dream, its just too perfect.” Now, I can’t explain to you why that thought came to me but coming from Wisconsin where things are usually well..dirty and wet…Do you get the difference in how I could think between well, perfect and well, not so perfect. Anyways, That night as we (my daughter and I) headed to the guest house and they headed to the house, I happen to make the comment well aren’t you going to bring in the chairs? Now, if you know anything about Arizona…It rarely rains so that was what they call an oxymoron…lol..Boy I felt rather silly for the comment. It was okay cause we all got a good giggle and they are both from the Wisconsin area so they understood what I meant. lol..

On the other hand, last summer we took a family trip out to Boston, Baby…It was awesome, let me tell ya…We actually went twice and was worth both times…I would love to live there but it is way too expensive to live there…Looking it to other places around the Boston area tho…Like Salem area..right on the Massachusetts and the New Hampshire line…Tho New Hampshire is a nice area and they have no sales tax so that is a good aspect…Shopping here we come…lol…There are draw backs to New Hampshire tho so no on that one…but always good to visit…Maybe Massachusetts is in the future who knows but this mamma is happy where ever her girls are. That’s what is what counts to me!!!



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