Quiet evening

Tonight was not planned as it went, and I will explain because I bet ya’ll are just wondering what is she talking about…. That crazy woman she is!!! Well, started the day just like any day with the normal afternoon quiet with the oldest doing her chores and me just being me by doing my email and computer thing. When I got the idea that I just wasn’t happy and I decided to air out the house for a period of time. The girls just looked at me Like ma, have ya lost your mind….lol..But it just seemed stale and eww in the house..I often wonder if I am getting cabin fever with all that white stuff outside??? Well, after about 20 minutes of freezing them out, I closed the windows and felt and freedom among the house, if you can understand.

Next, it was afternoon and getting dinner ready. A friend came over as he usually does and he chose to make dinner…Yummy and fast forward to dinner cause the later afternoon was just boring with things of email and blog things…why would anyone be interested in that stuff. Yummy cant say it enough…Chicken Parm with Spaghetti and Little miss was in her cake mood again, or was it maybe others in the house…I am not quite sure exactly but I ended up making a Red Velvet cake with a Vanilla frosting and sprinkles on top. The cake was thanks to ole Pillsbury and the same for the frosting and let me tell ya folks…I am sure stuffed cause its now after dinner and desert time and boy oh boy have I really not stuck to my diet needs or expectations of myself.

Now, I haven’t told anyone but I started a gym awhile back and I have a goal, well I just started seeing a personal trainer and Friday was my first visit and Oh my goodness, just the little bit she worked me is showing today. I have to get back on the horse and keep riding as they say, right? So, tonight I am going back to the gym and doing the same routine she showed me yesterday and I am going to work it hard cause I have a goal by summer and this girl is getting back to what I was before the baby and when I first moved to this town. I have sure let myself go, I don’t want to say its from the pain but that nasty thing creeps up and it makes it hard to do anything. So I am gonna work what I ate tonight and then some. Wish me luck, Cause I am gonna need it in the long run….

I will start a count down and let ya know on a weekly basis how I am doing…

Love Ya’ll



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