Daily Prompt: Seven Days

Daily Prompt: Seven Days.

What would I do…hmmm, first I would absolutely freak and just start jumping up and down screaming and yelling!!!…wooohooo…wooohooo…Yay me!!! okay so now I have come back to reality and calmed down a bit. Now its to figure out what I should do with this money. First and foremost my girls…Shopping spree…I am on a diet so shopping for me is out of the question..well, maybe a new purse would be great..A new purse cant hurt anyone..

Jc Penny’s here we come… Then of course I am catching up on past bills…why not right, why shouldn’t I pay off past bills with the money that just showed up… There will be plenty. Then its off to the grocery store to do some much needed grocery shopping and have fun buying things usually never bought. Target here I come to buy some things for the house like bake ware and maybe a new can opener, I dont know but Im off to do some shopping and oh yeah some office supplies…

That was fun thinking of the things I could do………..maybe one day it will come true..but in reality..I could really use a new kitchen table..mine is on its last leg…anyone know where I can get a cheap one???



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