As promised..Part 2 Another Child’s birth…

Now unlike ~J~ my oldest’s birth, Little Miss wasn’t that involved, I guess you could say on the day of her birth.

Tho, the night before I was up helping clean my whole apartment from top to bottom. About midnight or 1 am was when I finally decided I had enough and calmed down, I decided to take a shower and lay down. I didn’t think anything of the sort cause Little Miss wasn’t due for another 10 days.

By this time, my insomnia had kicked in and everyone in the house were fast asleep. Of course now I want to just relax and Little Miss is active as ever, thought she was going to jump out of my skin, it actually hurt after awhile. lol All of a sudden around 5 am I started to get a strange pain in my abdomen and I decided to sit up for a bit. After about 5-10 minutes I just couldn’t take the pain anymore and as much as I hated to wake anyone up I had this strange feeling that she was coming. Rather than wait too long, I woke everyone up in the house and we were off to the hospital. Not before I had a conversation with ~J~ when I woke her up and I said to her “Honey, its time to go to the hospital” and she’s actually said to me, no joke…”why?” Really???, Oh I don’t know, For fun!!! lol…shortly after she realized what she had said and we all got a

So off to the hospital we all went, but it was also the day ~J~’s school were giving out school supplies to needy families!! Yep, that is definitely us, well they waited for the time to pass before they were off to the school and I waited for..well time to…it was slow going. So when it turned 8 am they decided to head to the school and the nurse asked if I wanted to walk the halls because she said it would help dilate quicker. I said sure and off I was, needless to say, I didn’t know how much pain was to come from the contractions. With my back pain and the contraction, its like a double whammy!!!!

Several hours later, Little Miss embraced us and the world. However, she did have a slight breathing problem so the nurses kept for a bit till she was better but ~J~ got extremely worried, just like a big sister would. So the nurses were great, they took her into the nic-u and let her see her and feed her first. It was so sweet and heartwarming. ~J~ was on top of the world and I was the proudest mom ever.

Shortly after that they brought me Little Miss for the first time since I had her and it was the very first time I was able to see her. I was able to hold her in my arms and I started to cry cause it brought back so many memories of when I had ~J~ and when I was so young. After 13 years you never loose your touch, in fact I think it was a blessing to have the girls so far apart in age. I so believe that god had a plan for me and that was to have my girls this way. I think it gave me more of an appreciation for them both in different ways. It gives me a way to love them in their own special ways and I think that is so special that not many people get to experience in their lifetime.

I am the youngest in my family with an older brother who is 9 years older and its actually kind of cool to see how ~J~ interacts with her sister and I think back to when I was her age and how me and my brother were and I see so many things the same. Its funny because Little Miss is doing some of the same things I did when I was a baby (shake the crib bars like a gorilla) lol and I also see ~J~ doing some of the things with her girlfriends that I did with my best friend when I was her age.

My question to anyone who reads this is, is it possible being that your kids carry your genes and all, but is it possible that they actually do and act the same exact way you did as a baby and young child?? Any comments are appreciated!!!


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