My promise if you will?!?

Hmm… Sounds strange right?? well here what I mean but I need more help…I’ve been thinking okay so it was a quick thought and it got my thinking more and well more.. but I need help from my fans rather I don’t like to call you my fans….I want to call you my friends….calling you my friends because you came and starting following my blog spend your time with me reading what I write. So from now on your my friends.

So that is why your my friends…So that is why I decided to come up with this I am going to do this..I want to try something for the next month and if your willing to do something for me!!! So I need something more for from you if you would help me!!!

So are you ready!!!! This is my promise to you if your willing to help me….I wanna see if this works for the first month and if it works Ill continue with again…I will continually blog for the next month if you all will check out my other website and pass the word along…  Now, please they say it takes a person to change a certain a certain action by doing something over a period of 30 days so come on if I am doing my end I promise to do mine will you do yours? I am taking a calendar and scheduling the next 30 days with different things to write about. This is taking a lot of organization skills and time out of my life to do. Please help me out and check back from time to time. Also, tell others about my blog too. This is taking a lot of time and I am not sure if you know but I do suffer from anxiety too so this does affect it and I mean that by that meaning that I am not good with planning things but I am willing to dedicate my self to make things better. I want this to flourish and do better and this how I have to go about to make this take off, but I need your help so come on and help me out.

Also, Check out my biggest accomplishment of all…I am so proud of it…My website….  stop in…leave me a comment or two…check back whenever.. there are lots of things going on everyday.. I have things planned out everyday and I will make a post later on what those are so you can pick a day to stop in a check it out. I am also trying to get new things going there and here as I would love to get a few product review going as I did one awhile back about Air Wick Limited Edition Candle, I bought the candle. I would like in the future to do more of them from companies.  I would like to also have some guest bloggers in the future to spice up my blogs.

To spice up my blogs I found a great website for images and its free, However, you can pay for their plans, I am not sure why you would as it is free for their images. they offer clip art and photos. It is an awesome website, one of the best I have found so far but that is only my opinion.

I also started to have weekly featured bloggers, currently I am on Week 5, so come and check it out.

Like I said I have some other things planned out. This blog is currently for The Daily Prompt and other posts and my other website is where I have things planned for each day of the week. Its a lot of fun and I hope you check it out.

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see on my blog that I could do, suggestions are appreciated and much accepted!!! Let me know, I wont shoot any idea down, I’ll take all suggestions into consideration!!! If you would like to be a guest blogger on this blog or my other website, please shoot me an email at It would definitely get my blogs going!!!

Like I said, I promise to do my part if you all will!!!!