As Promised!! Day 1~~ Child’s Birth Part ..Interesting!!!

Well as promised, Here is the start to my promise. Here’s my first post and this is actually going to be a two part ,one because of the nature of the post. It just wouldn’t be fair to post about one and leave my other child out!!

Since, I have two girls I feel its only right to make this a two part post and two days of posts. So starting out with my oldest who is now 13 years old.

We, well me and my daughter’s father, were at my best friends house off and on for the week, which was an hour from where we were living at the time. I am no longer with him but we are still friends for the sake of her. However, the boys were playing video games all night while us girls went to bed. I woke up several times, thinking I had to pee, when after the 4th time I realized in fact it was my water starting to go. It was then that my heart started to beat fast, so I went to the basement where the boys were wrapping up the game. I notice it was also 5 am and felt nervous, for some reason and told him it was time that we had to go to the hospital. 

So, I sat down and told him and he got all excited and we soon left and called his mom and dad who wanted to be in the delivery room and were just waiting for the call from us. Jokingly, my brother had told me that weekend because that in fact was my due date, Sunday. He had just finished telling saying to me that “You better not go into Labor on Sunday because this is the first time in months that I get to go gambling!” Gee thanks..I thought!! Well, looks like J had plans of her own that day!!!!

We had to make a pit stop at the house before we went to the hospital because I was thinking before hand, “I’ll have plenty of time when we come back on Sunday  no problem.” I guess I never took it serious enough! So after we rushed on the road to get to the house, I was was frantically running around the apartment with a towel between my legs because of my water leaking just throwing random things in a bag instead of having a well packing bag to go the hospital like I should have. Silly me or stupid me, you decide!! Either way I must have looked rather funny cause her dad was laughing his butt off at me instead of helping me, nice huh!! 

Now the interesting part begins!!!

We leave the Apartment and we are on our way to the hospital and its almost 7 am by this time and my contractions still really aren’t bad yet, nothing to get worried about and my water isn’t leaking bad either considering it has been 2 hours by now and the street lights are about the shut off. WE are at a stop light and there is a cop behind us, no big deal so we think, right?? We start to go and and before we know it we are getting pulled over!! 

In my opinion, I guess he must have thought it was his turn to play god because he was playing the part alright! For 45 minutes he went back and forth for various reason and in the end to tell us that our tickets would be in the mail. It went from a ticket for not having our lights on, really the street lights about shut off. Then it was a loud exhaust and then just my ex had a bad attitude..well..duh!!! wouldn’t you if your first born is about to be born and you would rather it not be on a side road in the middle of Milwaukee?? 

Finally, like I said after 45 minutes he sent us on our way, but not before letting us know that our 3 tickets would be in the mail. No good luck, have a nice day, nothing but “Your tickets will be in mail.” 

In the end, our now 13 year bundle of attitude was born at 7:34 pm weighing in at 7 lbs  7 ounces  21 inches long. Sure enough when I got home from the hospital and checked my mail there they were!!!

Kelly Lynn

Call me weird or whatever you may but I still to this day have those tickets stored away in a section of her baby book ready to explain to her what happen the day she was born!!!


2 thoughts on “As Promised!! Day 1~~ Child’s Birth Part ..Interesting!!!

  1. Love your birth story! Makes me want to write about mine. . . I didn’t have any pain when I had my 3 cuties, so for the first one I had her at home alone on the living room floor. The second one bounced off a second water sac in the womb so we made it to the hospital (after they broke the water sac I delivered IMMEDIATELY – in fact I was in the recovery room 45 minutes later), and with the third one my husband had fallen off the roof while shoveling and had a cast on so he called an ambulance to pick me up. It was one crazy ride because the EMTs were 2 young guys who were afraid of delivering him! (They got to see him being born and left with “stars in their eyes” according to the nurses.)

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